Why Therapy Now?

Why Therapy Now?One of the first questions I ask new clients is, “What prompted you to begin the process of therapy now?”  Here are some common reasons why you may feel motivated to begin the process of therapy:

  1. You are in a season of transition — for instance, from one job to another; from school to career, or career back to school; into or out of a relationship; or making a major move to someplace far away.

  2. You are exploring how to bring greater satisfaction, meaning and purpose to your personal or work life.  You want help in clarifying your values.  You want to do more of what is life-giving and less of what is life-draining.  

  3. You are lonely.  Even in a big city like ours, people need help to connect with others, develop more friendships and experience community in a better way.

  4. You want to learn how to establish safe and healthy boundaries in your close relationships.  You are starting to feel overwhelmed and perhaps even taken advantage of, and you would like to strike a better balance of loving others well and taking good care of yourself.  This applies also, or especially, to relationships in your family of origin.

  5. You are experiencing issues in your romantic relationships.

    • Things are going pretty well in your current relationship, but you have a sense that things could be better.
    • You want to know if you should take the next step in your current romantic relationship (for instance, get engaged, set a wedding date).
    • You want to prepare for marriage and feel you will benefit from pre-marital counseling.
    • You are experiencing distress in your relationship.  You are having too many arguments or the arguments are too intense.
    • You may be experiencing sexual problems in your relationship.
  1. Couples often come into therapy when one partner has had an affair, or has broken their partner’s trust in some major way.  They enter therapy trying to figure out first, if their relationship can survive the affair or breach of trust, and if so, what they can do in order to experience healing.

  2. You have experienced a loss and you need help to process the loss and to “grieve well.”

  3. Parents often come into therapy when they are experiencing problems with their children — even with their adult children.

  4. You or someone you love is suffering with an addiction, or some other life-controlling problem, and you want some guidance in how to cope with the issue, and enter into the process of recovery.

Why therapy now?  Perhaps you can identify with one or more of these reasons that motivate people to enter the process of therapy.  Please call or e-mail, and we’ll talk about whether now is the right time for you.

Why Therapy Now?Dr. Jay R. Feld
Licensed Marriage and
Family Therapist
(917) 572-4068

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